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Bamboo cutley

Aug 3rd, 2022 at 12:23   Automobiles   Sahāranpur   175 views
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Biodegradable cutley refers to cutley that can undergo biochemical reactions under the action of microorganisms (bacteria, molds, algae) and enzymes in the natural environment, causing mildew in appearance to change in internal quality, and finally forms carbon dioxide and water. There are two kinds of materials used for degradable tableware: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, etc., which are degradable and are also called environmentally friendly products; The other is made of plastic as the main component, adding starch, photosensitizer and other substances. Green packaging should meet three points, one is easy to recycle, the other is easy to dispose of, and the third is easy to absorb, that is, it is easy to be integrated by the natural environment, but even degradable tableware is not something that can be done in a short time. Many degradable products claim that the degradation time is three months to six months, but this is actually determined in a standard laboratory environment. In the natural environment, the degradation is affected by various factors such as temperature and humidity. Where there is no water, it is difficult to degrade.” Under natural conditions, degraded products take at least one year to degrade.

Bamboo and wood tableware is a variety of utensils and utensils for distributing or ingesting food. Including complete sets of bowls, chopsticks, knives, forks, plates, plates, trays, wooden shovels, wooden spoons, wooden scoops, rice steamers, and various containers and handheld utensils for various purposes. Chopsticks are the most common bamboo tableware in daily life. Bamboo cutley is divided into bamboo tableware and wooden tableware according to the raw materials. Domestic kitchen bamboo and wood products pay special attention to the details of consumers' life, try to meet consumers' consumption habits in details, reduce the complicated process of food production, and simplify it to a one-click 0K type. All wooden tableware is made of imported rubber wood and black walnut. The wood is delicate and the structure is beautiful. According to the natural texture of the wood, a beautiful graphic structure is prepared, and the utensils are peculiar in shape. There are many bamboo and wood tableware series products, including: serving utensils, cutting boards, bowls and cups, chopsticks and knife boxes and other series. In addition, it is also unique in shape. In addition to the usual square, round, heart-shaped, and cylindrical shapes, there are also special irregular-shaped utensils such as outer and inner circle, gourd-shaped, boat-shaped, and fish-shaped. It is exquisite and has collectible value, which is different from the monotony of ordinary kitchen utensils in the traditional sense. Bamboo and wood kitchen utensils also reflect the comfort and care in the kitchen. Compared with the cold glass products and monotonous plastic products, the stable and elegant bamboo and wood products are particularly friendly. Compared with ceramic, glass and plastic tableware, bamboo and wood tableware also has very prominent advantages: heat preservation, anti-scalding and durability.

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