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Closed slewing drive

Aug 1st, 2022 at 10:26   Automobiles   Satna   150 views
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According to the variable speed transmission form of slewing drive, it can be divided into gear slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive, inheriting the respective characteristics of gear drive and worm gear drive. In terms of bearing capacity, the performance of the worm gear type is better than that of the tooth type, and when the enveloping worm drive is used, its bearing capacity, deformation resistance and transmission rigidity are further improved. However, the worm gear slewing drive is inferior to the gear slewing drive in terms of efficiency. According to the openness of the slewing drive transmission mechanism, the slewing drive can be divided into an open housing slewing drive and a closed slewing drive. Usually, the open structure is mostly used in applications where the environment is too harsh and the maintenance and maintenance cycle is short. The structure is more convenient for the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the machine parts, and it is also more convenient to replace. On the other hand, where the environmental conditions do not change much and the environmental pollution level is below the medium level, the closed structure can provide a longer maintenance life cycle.

The slewing drive can be used in any occasion that requires full-circle rotation and requires variable speed. When it is necessary to realize the power transmission of larger torque, the transmission of higher precision motion or the selection of the mechanism that requires high compactness and integration. The slewing drives are the best solution. The more common applications are generally the full-circle rotary structure of engineering and construction machinery, as well as solar energy, wind energy and various long-term automatic tracking machinery. Due to the compact structure and short transmission chain, precision slewing drives are easier to achieve and easier to digitize. Therefore, it has many applications in the field of industrial robots.

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