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Freight Services

May 27th, 2022 at 06:39   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   135 views
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General Features of Our Freight Forwarding Services

Logitude freight forwarding software is available through four plans – Startup, Economy, Business, and First Class.

These plans offer exceptional flexibility, enabling freight forwarding clients of all sizes and need to harness our state-of-the-art technologies, delivering superior customer convenience, scalability, security, and functionality.

Affordable Booking Software for Air & Logistics Freight Service

Globally, air freight forwarders and logistics freight forwarding companies of all kinds choose Logitude to optimize their operations, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

The startup is ideal for smaller operations, or companies who want to see how Logitude’s freight booking system can make their business more efficient and effective, before choosing a plan with more features and capabilities.

The economy is a step up from Startup, representing a full freight booking system with Email Documents & Reports, Document Printouts, Invoicing, Profit/Loss Analysis, and Business Tools.

Business is our most popular plan, providing everything you need for effective freight forwarding. In addition to all Economy features, the Business package means that users get functionality for Quotes, Vendor Invoices, Customer Collection and Balance, External Documents Archives, Shared Logistics with Customers, and Free Customization.

First Class is our most comprehensive plan, offering all the features of Business, but with CRM and Outlook Connection features – enabling you to harmonize your business.


Understanding ocean freight – and what it means for your business

In short, ocean freight is the method of transporting often large loads of goods by sea – putting cargo in large containers which are loaded onto vessels.

Over 90% of all the world’s trade is carried by sea – and even more in some countries. As a general rule, shipments weighing more than 100kg – or consisting of multiple cartons – will be sent by sea freight. Some further restrictions apply to certain goods from country to country, but most items are allowed.


Getting to know the players – and taking your time

The ocean freight market is home to a number of carriers. These are the companies that own the vessels and containers that can carry your cargo.

Twill is an innovation of Maersk and we're able to call on that 115 years of experience to best ocean freight service ;for our customers – getting their freight on the best routes at the right price. With our instant rates, you get all costs upfront too, meaning there are no surprises when your cargo reaches its destination!

But as you can imagine, getting all those containers across the sea takes some time. Exactly how long depends on various factors – including where you're shipping it to and from and the type of shipment. There are several steps that goods go through before they reach a vessel and before they arrive at their destination. You can usually add a week's time on either end of the process.


If it can travel by sea, why not air?

Well, there are a few reasons – largely to do with capacity and cost. While air freight is often faster and a bit more reliable (as you're not at the mercy of the sea!) it's also more expensive – sometimes four or five times more expensive.

Ocean freight takes more time, but it's far cheaper and there are fewer restrictions on shipping hazardous cargo. On top of that, there's much greater capacity for the price you pay. One container can hold 10,000 beer bottles for example!

Ultimately, you want to pick the best route for your cargo – and when it comes to ocean freight, we can help. Choose Twill to get your ocean freight going.