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Fruit Vegetable Washing Mahcine

Jan 25th, 2022 at 08:28   Automobiles   Bareilly   79 views
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Fruit Vegetable Washing Mahcine is mainly used in washing fruits or vegetables, it is an essential equipment on the fruit and vegetable juice processing line. Fruit washer machine is also widely used in the processing of varied fruit products. To ensure the quality of fruit products or fruit juice, clean fruit is very important, so the washing of fruit is essential.


Besides, when producing the fruits or vegetables, another equipment called Fruit Vegetable Cutting Machine is worth to mention as well. Fruit Vegetable Cutting Machine is currently the most advanced machine in China specialized for slicing vegetables and fruits. The vegetable slicer machine has wide applications. It can cut potato, cucumber, apple and other vegetables and fruits into the round or diagonal slice. The number, diameter, and angle of the feeding inlet could be customized. There is no restriction on the thickness of the vegetables or fruits.

The machine is mainly composed of frame, the feed inlet, rotating cutter head, motor, and transmission part. Put the material into the feed inlet, then the high speed rotating cutter will cut the material into slices.


1. It's strictly forbidden to put metal objects or tools into the feed inlet of the fruit slicer machine.

2. The vegetables or fruits to be cut should be washed beforehand. Clay or sand is not allowed to be attached to avoid damaging the cutter.

3. It's strictly forbidden to put your hands into the feed inlet of the industrial fruit slicer while feeding the raw materials.

4. The switch must not be splashed while cleaning the machine.

5. Check and change the v-belt in case the commercial vegetable slicer runs powerlessly.


For the fruits and vegetable processing industry, there are many Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machinery needed during the process. Beside the machine mentioned above, others like Fruit and Vegetable Peeling MachineFruit Vegetable Juice MachineFruit and Vegetable Sorting Machine, etc. Also, with the improving of the living standard, food producing industry like cake and snake become more and more popular nowadays, so the equipments such as Food Snack MachineDough Snack Processing MachineCake Processing Machine and Snack Food Processing Machine are commonly seen.

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