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Glass turning machine

Jul 11th, 2022 at 10:20   Beauty & Well being   Sahāranpur   123 views
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The glass cutting machine adopts stepper or servo motor, driver and CNC control system, and is equipped with imported cutter wheels. It has the advantages of good stability, high precision, and multiple cutters can cut at the same time, which can realize straight, irregular and circular cutting of various types of photoelectric glass and ultra-thin glass. In addition to superior configuration and performance, the machine also uses a man-machine interface, which can be intelligently optimized for cutting, which truly realizes the convenience and intelligence of operation.

This cnc ultrathin glass cutting machine is for cutting ultra-thin glass(thickness 0.2-8mm), such as optical glass, liquid crystal glass, mobile screen protector glass, touch screen glass, OGS process of ultra-glass. This machine can cut glass in to any shape by one time through CCD automatic select and position. Users can change the cutting point as they wish. It can optimize graphics and set type automatically. What's more, it is easy to operate because of typesetting and control is in same software. In addition, it can optimize the tool path automatically if user need to cut in different areas.

glass washing machine must handle and clean glassware properly to insure usefulness. Glass washing machines are often responsible for related tasks such as collecting and distributing glass, cleaning and sterilizing glass and storing and inventorying glass. These tasks require a working knowledge of research in order to determine what items will be needed. After cleaning, the glass washing machine will store and inventory items. They must be very organized and able to keep good records.

Glass washing machine for cover lens features stainless steel air knives, soft brushes and cylinder-powered upper brushes for cleaning low-e glass, quick-change water nozzle, high-pressure pre-washing and aluminum upper bracket profile.

Glass turning machine is the machine for pulverizing glass during glass recycling process. When feeding the glass into the glass crusher, the glass will fall into a high speed rotating impeller and been crushed to several pieces. Some parts of the glass will stay near the impeller. Under the force of the high speed centrifugal, the glass pieces in different positions will crash onto each other. After several times of collision and friction, the crushed glass will drop off from the machine. The glass turning machine is with the features of small footprint, easy and safe operation, low energy consumption and noise, high output and large processing capacity. It is not only widely used in industrial area, but also commonly used in bars, hotels, etc. It can help us to break the wine bottles in time to prevent old wine bottles from been going back to the market.