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Molding Machine

Jun 14th, 2022 at 05:57   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   101 views
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Working of injection molding similar to extrusion and it works like an injection as name suggest. Molding material/ raw material pour into the hopper by feeding device. After that molding material goes down under the action of gravity into the cylinder (barrel). A circumferential heater which is located on the barrel is used to melt the material. When powder form of molding material goes dawn into the barrel from hopper it starts melting and a hydraulic ram or rotating screw pushes the material forward into the mold by applying some pressure. Molten plastic material is injected into a closed mold attached on the other side of barrel; in this split mold is used. Molding material goes forward continuously by the rotating screw. Pressure applies by the hydraulic system. Injection pressure is generally 100-150 MPa. After injection, pressure is applied for some time or locked at same position with some force.


After the whole process is done the parts manufactured is cooled sufficiently. Then mould is open and some ejectors are used for proper removal of the part without damage. After removing the part mold is closed again. This process is very fast and automatically repeated. Here complex shape parts can be easily manufactured. Production capacity of injection molding is 12-16 thousand parts per cycle.


The process of injection moulding has today evolved to a high technical level. Major technical advances are not to be expected. Areas of interest to moulding machine designers and engineers include process control and quality assurance where inroads are still to be made as technology progresses.



Injection molding is used for making complex shape parts of various sizes having less wall thickness.

Typical parts like cup, containers, toys, plumbing fittings, electrical components, telephones receivers, bottle caps, automotive parts and components.


Except for Injection Molding Machine, many other machine uses the process of moldinng, such as Blow Molding MachineAutomatic Blow Molding MachineSemi Automatic Blow Molding MachineExtrusion Molding MachineJerrycan Blow Molding MachineDrum Extrusion Blow Molding MachinePreform Injection Machine, Cap Injection Molding Machine, etc.