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PP woven bag cutting and sewing machine

Jul 7th, 2022 at 12:16   Phones & Tablets   Saugor   127 views
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PP woven bag making machine is one of the most important machines in the pp woven bag production line. The PP woven bag production line has four important parts, the first one is plastic tape drawing machine, make whole piece woven film from Polypropylene (pp) particles, then cut into pp silk and wind in group one by one. The second one is circular loom.

PP yarn extrusion line is mainly composed of extruder, machine head, first stretching roller, heating plate, second stretching roller, winder and electrical control part. The extruder is mainly composed of a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a reducer and a drive motor. The machine head consists of three parts: three-way, filter net, filter plate and lip. In order to adapt to the production of recycled materials containing more impurities, the machine head adopts a tee and a filter plate with a large filtration area, and a suitable device is installed, and the net change operation can be performed by one person alone.

PP yarn rewinding machine matches the tape drawing machine to wind the tape into tape spindle for the weaving of circular loom. It adopts magnetic-driving which makes the winding speed twice as quick as that of combination winding machine and keeps the winding tension steady and winding spindle flat to improve the quality of weaving flatness, by macthine high speed tape drawing machine, it can increase the output and reduce the cost greatly.

circular loom is used to create a seamless tube of fabric for things like tights, sacks, tshirts, fabrics, fire hoses and so on. Circular looms can be small "jigs" used for hand knitting or large high speed machines for modern garments.

Coating and laminating machine can be equipped for coating and laminating functions. Additionally, for R&D needs, we provide lab lines to test materials and methods. Various coating and laminating methods are available. Coating and laminating machine features the functions include slot die coating, gravure coating, spray laminating, and ultrasonic bonding systems. Depending on individual needs, the coating and laminating systems can also include splice tables, edge guiding, auto cutoff and transfer, slitting, scrap winders, liner unwinds and rewinds, camera systems, perforators, printers, and roll discharge systems.

PP woven bag printing machine is specially designed for printing the words and trademarks on the woven sacks and laminated sacks, non woven bags, jute bags and papers, as well as carton box. It can finish multicolor printing at one time.