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Rockwool sandwich panel

Jul 11th, 2022 at 08:44   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   110 views
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sandwich panel is any structure made of three layers: a low-density core (PIR, mineral wool, XPS), and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. Sandwich panels are used in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required. The structural functionality of a sandwich panel is similar to the classic I-beam, where two face sheets primarily resist the in-plane and lateral bending loads (similar to flanges of an I- beam), while the core material mainly resists the shear loads (similar to the web of an I-beam). The idea is to use a light/soft but thick layer for the core and strong but thin layers for face sheets. This results in increasing the overall thickness of the panel, which often improves the structural attributes, like bending stiffness, and maintain or even reduce the weight.

Eps sandwich panel is a kind of lightweight energy saving wall material, which uses cement calcium silicate or reinforced calcium silicate board as face panel, filled with cement, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam particles, and as core material and forming by one time compound. Eps sandwich panels are made by mixing Eps polystyrene foam particles, cement, sand, calcium silicate board, additives and other raw materials at a proper ratio. Eps sandwhich panels production line mainly including four parts: mixer system, foaming system, mould system and transition system.

Rockwool sandwich panel on both sides gives full play to the unique properties of rock wool core material, the fire prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, etc. First of all, the sandwich panel features excellent fireproof performance. With the raw material, production technology and formula of the rock wool sandwich wall panel, it has good fireproof performance. Sound insulation and sound absorption effect is remarkable. Rock wool sandwich panel has a significant reduction effect on noise transmission, especially for designated flights. What's more, it has remarkable effect in fire prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation. It can be widely used in the steel structure factory building, activities room, roof, wall, air clean room ceiling and partition.