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What is a Fastener?

Dec 1st, 2021 at 12:47   Automobiles   Bareilly   22 views
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A fastener is a non-permanent or permanent mechanical tool that rigidly connects or affixes two surfaces or objects together. Non-permanent fasteners can easily be removed without damaging the joined materials. The removal of permanent fasteners might require substantial force and might damage the connected surfaces. Permanent Standard Fasteners are designed to be a long lasting form of secure connection.

The wide range of fasteners includes screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and washers that come in different sizes, types, and configurations. Fasteners are one of the most used tools for building, fabricating, and configuring a variety of products and industrial equipment.

Non-Permanent Threaded Fasteners

There are an endless number of shapes, sizes, lengths, and varieties of Motorcycle Fasteners that range from the common nail to huge bolts to hold heavy duty manufacturing equipment in place. They can be generic or specially designed to fit an application. Every industry and manufacturer has a different and unique use for these valuable tools.

The variability between fasteners is due to the extreme forces that are placed on them. The purpose of fasteners is to hold parts, components, and pieces of machinery together in the presence of excessive vibrations and pressure while retaining the ability to disassemble the pieces when necessary.

There are several ways to separate, classify, and categorize fasteners, which include permanent and non-permanent as well as threaded and non-threaded. In the permanent classification are rivets and couplings that cannot be removed. Screws and Titanium Bolts fall into the threaded classification, while dowel pins and blind fasteners are non-threaded and permanent.


Bolts are one of the more common types of Bicycle Fasteners and are used to hold two non-threaded pieces together. The head of a bolt, which comes in several varieties, is attached to the threaded male end. Bolts are classified by their shape and type of head.

Anchor bolts are referred to as "cast in place," which means they are included in the fabrication of the component or part and are permanently attached to it. Different types of anchor Titanium Disc Rotor Bolts are designed for specific jobs. They are an industrial bolt that has been embedded into concrete for securing columns and supports to foundations.



A nut is a fastener with an external thread that is used with a mating bolt that is of the same size. There are several varieties of Titanium Nuts that include box and hex types as well as several other specialty kinds, configurations, and designs.

1. Cap Nuts

Cap nuts are known as dome or acorn nuts and have the shape of a dome on the closed end to protect the bolt-nut assembly.

2. Castle Nuts

Castle Titanium Sprocket Nuts have notches on one end that allow for the insertion of a pin.The many varieties of Titanium Washers are further enhanced by the many types of materials used to produce them, which include zinc, copper, brass, iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Certain applications require specialty washers that are made from non-metallic materials such as plastic, rubber, ceramics, and phenolic.

  • There is an endless number of shapes, sizes, lengths, and varieties of Auto Fasteners that range from the common nail to huge Titanium Chainring Bolts to hold heavy duty manufacturing equipment in place.

  • The group of permanent fasteners do not have threads and can be quickly installed without the need of extra fastening components.


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