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Gown Making Machine

Apr 22nd, 2022 at 10:29   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   125 views
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Clothing is a basic necessity of life. Nobody can do without clothes. Manufacturing clothes is no longer a luxury. This is the reason the garment manufacturing industry has developed manifold. A number of machines are employed during the entire manufacturing process. Machines to help with almost all the stages are present in the market. Without doubt, there are many different types of machines for different kinds of clothes like Gown Making MachineShoe Cover Making MachineShorts Making MachineHead Cover Making MachineFace Mask MachineSleeve Cover MachineApron Making MachineGlove Making MachineBedsheet Making MachinePE Liner Making Machine, etc.


The entire procedure for garment manufacture involves spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, and finally production of garments. Spinning is all about converting raw materials like cotton, silk, wool, and others into yarn. Weaving involves converting the yarn into fabric. The fabric needs to be dyed and printed to make textiles, and the textiles are finally stitched into garments.


In the very first stage of textile production, fibers from natural raw materials like cotton, silk, wool, and others and synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon, polyester, and others are processed to make yarn. This step is called spinning of yarn. Spinning of yarn can be done with the help of machines as well as by hand.


The next step in the production of garments is weaving of fabrics. In this stage of garment production, yarns that are spun are interlaced at right angle to form a fabric. This can be done with the help of weaving machines or looms. It holds the rows of threads tight when columns of threads are interlaced between them.


After the making of fabric from yarn, the prepared fabric needs to be dyed and printed. Only then will the cloth become ready to be stitched. Various textile printing machines are available in the market that helps in this activity. Digital textile printing machines are the most advanced of all in modern times.