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Portable balancer

Jul 28th, 2022 at 13:53   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   137 views
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Vibration meter is an instrument used to directly indicate the peak value, peak-to-peak value, average value or root mean square value of vibration quantities such as displacement, velocity, acceleration and acceleration derivative. The main parts of this instrument are integral and differential circuit, amplifier circuit, voltage detector and meter. The integral and differential circuit is used to complete the integral and differential operations between the above-mentioned vibration quantities. Generally, integral and differential operational amplifiers can be used, and low-pass filters and high-pass filters can be used to complete the integral and differential operations. However, when calculating with such instruments, attention should be paid to their application frequency range. Vibration meters can only allow people to obtain the total intensity of vibration (vibration level), but can not obtain other information, so the scope of use is limited. For the vibration measurement method, it is required that it does not have any influence on the vibration process to be measured. Therefore, if a point away from the measured object can be used as a static reference point, it is ideal to measure vibration by a non-contact method. However, when measuring the vibration of a running vehicle, there are many cases where a stationary point as a reference cannot be obtained. In this case, an inertial vibrator is often installed on the measurement object to indirectly measure the vibration of the measured object from the movement of the vibrator. In fact, most of the vibration measurements are carried out using inertial vibrometers with vibrators. Even in the case where the reference static point can be found, many such vibrometers are used. Therefore, the general vibrometer often refers to this inertial vibrator using vibrators.

The multi-functional mechanical vibration analyzer is a basic instrument for the factory to carry out condition monitoring and realize predictive maintenance. It is a powerful tool for equipment reliability management and TPM. Its simple operation is suitable for equipment maintenance and inspection personnel, as well as production operators, for measuring, recording and tracking machine status, detecting abnormalities, and enabling diagnosis and trend monitoring of common machine vibration failures. Vibration analyzers are generally piezoelectric, and there are roughly two structural forms: ①compression type; ②shear type. The principle of vibration analyzer is designed by using the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal and artificially polarized ceramics (PZT). When a quartz crystal or artificially polarized ceramic is subjected to mechanical stress, charges are generated on its surface, and the resulting charge density has a strict linear relationship with the applied mechanical stress. At the same time, the mechanical stress is proportional to the acceleration value under the condition of a certain sensitive mass. Under certain conditions, the charge generated by the piezoelectric crystal is proportional to the acceleration value felt.

The portable balancer has embedded computer technology and dynamic balancing technology, and has many functions such as on-site vibration data measurement, vibration analysis, and single- and double-sided dynamic balancing. It is simple and easy to use. It is the most ideal tool for industrial and mining enterprises to predict maintenance and repair, especially for fans, motors and other equipment manufacturers and vibration technical service organizations.