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USB cable

Aug 1st, 2022 at 11:15   Automobiles   Satna   171 views
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AOC refers to a communication cable that needs to use external energy to convert electrical signals into optical signals, or convert optical signals into electrical signals in the communication process. The optical transceivers of the two sections of the optical cable provide photoelectric conversion and optical transmission functions. It consists of optoelectronic devices (two optical transceivers and cable jumpers). Active optical cables are mainly used in data centers, high-performance computers, large-capacity storage devices and other equipment for high-speed and reliable interconnection and transmission equipment. AOC application is an electrical interface that meets the requirements of industrial standards. It uses the internal electrical-optical-electrical conversion of the optical cable to enable the optical cable to perform efficient and stable data transmission. The maximum signal transmission distance that an HDMI AOC cable can achieve depends on the entire system: the performance of the source device, the performance of the display device, the data transfer rate of the signal, the performance and length of the cable itself. It can also be divided into HDMI AOC cable 4KHDMI AOC cable 8K and so on. In the digital age, we use data rate to describe the amount of data in bits per second. The length of the HDMI cable is closely related to the maximum data transfer rate. If the distance is too long, the signal received by the HDMI device will have no image, dropped frames, snow, or no sound. The shorter the HDMI cable, the higher the maximum data transfer rate that can be achieved. For example, the data transmission rate of an HDMI cable with a length of 2m is 19Gb/s, which can meet the video transmission of 1080p, 120Hz, and 48bit color depth. However, if the length reaches 6 meters, the data transmission rate will drop to 10Gb/s, which can only meet the video transmission of 1080p, 120Hz, and 24bit color depth. So, as the length of the cable increases, the data transfer rate also decreases.

The USB cable is used for the connection and communication between the computer and external devices, and can also be used for the charging of the mobile phone and the connection with the outside, that is, for data transmission and charging. USB is the most widely used external bus standard in the PC field. It is used to standardize the connection and communication between the computer and external devices. The USB interface supports the plug-and-play and hot-swap functions of the device. With the rapid development of computer hardware, the application of USB has increased the speed of data transmission between external devices. The greatest benefit to users of increased speed is that users can use more efficient external devices. For example, it only takes about 0.1 seconds to scan a 4M picture with a USB 2.0 scanner, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. According to different interfaces and data lines of USB, supported devices: mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, flash disk, MP3 player, mobile phone, digital camera, mobile hard disk, external optical floppy drive, USB network card, ADSL modem, cable modem and other electronic products.

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