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What is the difference between hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine?

Dec 20th, 2021 at 09:06   Automobiles   Bareilly   50 views
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The CNC bending machine is an ordinary hydraulic bending machine with a CNC operating system. It is an upgraded product of the ordinary bending machine. Frequent process conversion can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. However, the operating skill of the operator is higher than that of the ordinary hydraulic press brake.


Compared with the hydraulic bending machine, the CNC bending machine is characterized by its CNC operating system. This is an upgrade to the ordinary bending machine, which reduces the labor of the operator and enhances the processing efficiency. But at the same time, the operating requirements and skills of CNC bending machines are much higher than those of hydraulic bending machines, and they are relatively complex. The CNC bending machine has a multi-step programming function, which can realize multiple automatic operations and complete the one-time processing of multi-step parts.


CNC bending machine and CNC folding machine

CNC bending machine and CNC folding machine in sheet metal forming, from the following six aspects of the characteristics of the comparison:

(1) different forming principles

Bending machine - different thickness, shape of the product, need different up and down mold, in the realization of some special bending (such as arc) requirements, need to change the tool or transfer to another machine tool to achieve, increase the transfer of semi-finished products and temporary storage work. Folding machine - through the configuration of rotatable beading beam, while installing two sets of beading beam tools, to achieve the simi complete all bending procedures, for arc bending or other special bending requirements, basic need not change the tool, just in the program to make changes can be completely achieved.

We all know that the material that we want to bend on the sheet metal bending machine is in compliance with the standard, and we need to have a certain control over the size of the bending, so do you know how to grasp the size of the bending? The main thing is to bend. The following article will give you a detailed introduction. In addition to the bending angle, the mold is also very important. As long as there is no problem with the use of the mold, the bending angle will be no problem. Do you know how the mold should be adjusted? Mainly about the adjustment of the machine, the adjustment of the slider stroke, and the stroke Module adjustment, gap adjustment and angle adjustment, the following is a detailed introduction, let’s take a look.Installation and adjustment of the mold for sheet metal bending machine:

When installing the sheet metal bending machine mold, be sure to check the status of the equipment, and then install and debug according to the steps. Pay attention to personal safety when debugging. The following is the detailed adjustment content:
1. Adjustment of the machine
When installing the sheet metal bending machine mold, you must first understand the performance of the machine, turn on the metal bending machine, adjust and check patiently, and see if the machine has previously used dust and iron chips. Prevent unnecessary trouble for later use.

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